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Total feedbacks: 4471   Total rate: 3828
Positive comment J. P. February 14, 2017 Thank you CG...always great service from you!

Positive comment Josef February 14, 2017 very fast

Positive comment J. P. February 5, 2017 Thank you once again CG for your fast transaction! Always the greatest service too!

Positive comment J. P. February 5, 2017 Thank you for a fast transaction CG!

Positive comment Gary Winn January 26, 2017 c-gold transaction completed. Thanks

Positive comment ashwin January 26, 2017 nice, like.

Neutral comment kumar January 25, 2017 more than 6 hours average delivery.

Positive comment Robert December 26, 2016 It took over 8 calendar day, but that's the time to transfer from PayPal to PM. Better if they kept the VISA card option available along with American Express credit card...

Positive comment Daniel December 18, 2016 Always simple and quick exchange. Centre Gold is very professionnal.

Positive comment J. P. December 14, 2016 Outstandingly fast communication & service. Thank you so much CG!

Positive comment J. P. December 14, 2016 AWESOME SERVICE AS ALWAYS....Thank you very much CG!

Positive comment J. P. December 4, 2016 Thank you very much CG for your help and great service!

Neutral comment Clas November 28, 2016 What about the promised 15% discount? Best Regards Håkan Wiklund

Positive comment Gary Winn November 27, 2016 Transaction completed VERY fast. Thank you!!

Positive comment Gary Winn November 22, 2016 Got my purchase very FAST.....within hours, even without phone verification. Please cancel 2nd request for same amount, same date 11-21-2016. THANKS

Positive comment Padraig Boland November 18, 2016 Very professional

Positive comment Clas Wiklund October 25, 2016 Have I got my promised discount? Best Regards Håkan Wikund

Positive comment Venus October 20, 2016 This time it took about 20 minutes for the telephone code but overall this has been a "good experience" and I am more than pleased. Also, the turnaround time in funds posting to account was great! :) What I would like to know is if you will ever accept visa/mastercard? AND, would like to know if we can ever receive code via email because it's a hassle if you don't have a home phone number. Thank you Centregold.

Positive comment William Eason October 18, 2016 Very good service

Positive comment Kevin September 28, 2016 Great service again ! Account was funded within 12 hours. Thanks !!!

Positive comment Ted September 23, 2016 GREAT SERVICE: FAST & EFFICIENT. THKS

Positive comment Sarah September 17, 2016 Great all in on day and on a Saturday that is great

Positive comment Robert September 17, 2016 Very, very fast exchange from VISA to PM. Best time to do it is Mon to Fri. :)

Positive comment Kevin September 8, 2016 Great service ! Centregold had my account funded within 12 hours.

Positive comment R. J. August 24, 2016 Excellent service :)

Positive comment Kevin August 17, 2016 Great same day service! Thank You

Positive comment Kerstin August 5, 2016 Easy, Quick and Perfect

Positive comment David August 4, 2016 Always 100%

Positive comment rob August 1, 2016 All good. Thank you.

Positive comment Robert July 17, 2016 Purchase using VISA early Sunday AM, received PM 8 hours, 40 minutes later, late Sunday morning (PST). Fast service! :)

Positive comment Ted July 15, 2016 Fast, easy

Positive comment Lani July 6, 2016 Pretty awesome!

Positive comment Lani July 6, 2016 Great effort. Fast

Positive comment Robert July 4, 2016 A little over 12 hours in weekend (July 4th) but still a good exchanger service fo VISA to Perfect Money. :)

Positive comment Robert July 2, 2016 Fast and speedy conversion of VISA to Perfect Money! :)

Positive comment CG71630 July 1, 2016 good service...

Positive comment Nokuthula June 28, 2016 Thank you for your prompt response.SA

Positive comment Lani June 23, 2016 Great effort team! Sharp, responsive and zero fuss. Why would I both with wire transfers from now on?

Positive comment Robert June 18, 2016 Very fast!! Practically overnight exchange from VISA to Perfect Money!! :)

Positive comment Robert June 18, 2016 Though a little long in exchanging VISA to BTC (about 5 calendar days), I am still happy they were successful! :)

Positive comment Pg Rodziah June 5, 2016 Very fast, tqvm

Positive comment S. J. June 2, 2016 Thanks that was fast

Positive comment S. J. June 2, 2016 Thanks for being so quick

Positive comment Robert May 28, 2016 Great service! Talk about speedy purchase of Perfect Money using VISA! Transaction started late Friday evening and funds in my PM account around 5 AM on Saturday!! :)

Positive comment R. J. May 21, 2016 Fast as usual :)

Positive comment Mario May 9, 2016 Thanks for your support

Positive comment Lars Holmgren April 29, 2016 I,am very positive thanks for all,All Regales Lars

Positive comment T. D. April 28, 2016 Fast, efficient, Great. Thank you

Positive comment Ted April 28, 2016 Thanks for your speedy action.

Positive comment Daniel April 15, 2016 Very nice exchange. Very quick. Centre Gold is the best exchanger.

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