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Positive comment CG80562 March 11, 2021 I can tell you that i have found the best provider and partner recommended by PerfectMoney Note if you want to buy sell or exchange Bitcoins tooThe time is the esence.

Negative comment CG108500 February 6, 2021 I just got ripped off on CentreGold. I made a payment of PerfectMoney $ 44 USD and they are supposed to charge me $ 54 Canadian (CAD). There I was debited twice, 106 € and 43 € on my gold card, I only received 44 $ on my Perfect Money account. Trying to refund my money or give me perfect money dollars instead. I will contact my bank to find out the procedure to follow.

Neutral comment Guy February 4, 2021 Transaction fee is too low. Operation time is wayyyyy too high.

Positive comment bernardi January 9, 2021 travil parfait et rapide

Positive comment CG108187 December 1, 2020 Good. Please cancel the order for 400 usd.

Positive comment Anonymous November 29, 2020 The transaction went through smoothly, but the wait time of ~17 hours is far from optimal.

Positive comment MATIAS PES October 24, 2020 all ok, thankyou

Positive comment Augusto October 20, 2020 All rights!

Positive comment A. B. October 17, 2020 Excellent .

Positive comment G. L. October 6, 2020 Excellent service, i appreciate the good predisposition of service billing customer.

Positive comment E. P. September 23, 2020 Thank you! Always quick and professional. I have been using this company for many years.

Positive comment Brian August 24, 2020 My experience was way better than I expected.

Positive comment Khalid Abuelgasim August 20, 2020 Done perfect. Excellent

Positive comment Khalid Abuelgasim August 12, 2020 Excellent service but I waiting long tm9e

Positive comment Martin July 25, 2020 Order fullflled very son, excellent customer service, competitive fee

Positive comment CG107701 July 4, 2020 Great transaction & great service as usual

Positive comment R. S. June 15, 2020 You have charged me twice for this one order - please reverse second charge.

Positive comment Rivonarinjaka June 5, 2020 Your service is very cool; i leke this

Negative comment Gwladys May 10, 2020 Hi i have not received my perfectmoney. The account you put is not mine

Positive comment Bahador April 25, 2020 Hi tnx i reacive the pm in my accunt but where is next order

Positive comment M. A. February 19, 2020 Very good transaction again. This is by far the fastest transaction I had. 1 hour and 9 minutes processing. Thank you

Positive comment M. A. February 18, 2020 Very good transaction again

Positive comment M. A. February 18, 2020 Very good transaction

Positive comment Anonymous February 6, 2020 Good service

Positive comment christian atse January 24, 2020 great service

Neutral comment Oleksandr January 22, 2020 It’s took for almost one day to get my money

Positive comment Oleksandr January 21, 2020 It was good and fast!

Positive comment Benny January 20, 2020 Good job on another completed transaction!

Positive comment Benny January 17, 2020 Another successful transaction! CG never disappoints. Well done.

Positive comment Anney January 6, 2020 Excellent service

Negative comment Aleksandras December 30, 2019 RECENTLY I HAVE BEEN CHARGED - 519,26+ 327,46 EUR FROM MY VISA CARD FOR 500 USD PERFECT MONEY !!! WHY ? PLEASE CORRECT IT!

Positive comment M. A. December 3, 2019 my first transaction and it went well. took around 24hrs to be completed. thank you

Positive comment Wilmar Torres December 2, 2019 Excelente Servicio!

Positive comment Marshall November 21, 2019 Your usual timely service is greatly appreciated.

Positive comment CG98587 November 20, 2019 Thanks for your usual fast processing of my order.

Positive comment A. D. November 14, 2019 Perfect service as always, thank you Centregold

Positive comment Sherry November 14, 2019 Awesome thank you

Positive comment Sherry November 13, 2019 amazing service thank you

Positive comment Sherry November 13, 2019 instant amazing

Positive comment Sherry November 13, 2019 fantastic the best

Positive comment Anney November 12, 2019 Thank you for another fast and successful transaction

Positive comment CG10xx46 November 12, 2019 Everything went well.

Positive comment A. D. November 12, 2019 Perfect exchange thanks

Positive comment Terence November 11, 2019 Satisfactory thank you

Positive comment A. D. November 11, 2019 excellent service

Positive comment A. D. November 11, 2019 fast service AAA+++

Positive comment Benny November 10, 2019 CG has done it again! They fulfilled my order in less than 24 hours. Great job. Two thumbs up!

Positive comment Aleksandras Zubkovas November 10, 2019 Thanks so much !

Positive comment Aleksandras November 9, 2019 You just amazing service ! Thanks so much ! Alek

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